Brian D.

“When I first met Ellie three years ago, I was on prescription medications for chest pain symptoms that my doctor and I thought were caused by acid reflux. After my first session with Ellie, I felt relief for the first time in months. I realized that my symptoms were actually the result of muscle tension, likely due to stress and poor posture at work. Within two months, I was off the meds.

Ellie is a lifelong learner and constantly brings new knowledge and experience to her practice. She takes a holistic approach to health and adapts each session to my needs, making use of a wide range of therapeutic modalities. Whether I’m sore from marathon training or I just need to relax, Ellie’s healing touch is a key component to my overall wellness. I recommend her to all of my family and friends.”


Jessica M.

“I met Ellie at Localtopia 2017 and on a whim decided to get a chair massage. I had such a wonderful experience that I have been scheduling regular appointments ever since. Ellie's gift comes from not only listening to you and where your pain is, but listening to your body as she works and adapting accordingly. I'm so fortunate to have found her and I would recommend her skills to anyone!“


Mck Z.

“Id never had a massage before when I heard about Ellie...I asked around and she was highly recommend.  When I met with her, she instantly put me at ease. I don’t know what it was but it happened just like that.  Since I met her I have tried a few other massage therapists. No one has the skill, knowledge, and healing touch that Ellie has. I would not be exaggerating when I say that she can work miracles. She truly has the soul of a healer.  Ellie takes it to another level. I wish I knew the words to explain it, It’s like she is magic.”

Megan Watcki.png

Megan W.

“I highly recommend Ellie. I went in for a relaxation massage and she worked wonders, composed a customized scented oil for my massage, knows her anatomy and worked every where I was sore, and also did some massage energy work in me that left me feeling serene, lighter, and more in tune and energetic. I recommend all of her services to anyone as her power and intuitive massage and energy work is absolutely phenomenal.”


Jerry B.

“Ellie's bodywork leaves me feeling omnipotent!  I see Ellie as often as I can to help keep my energy flowing and operating at maximum potential!  Our conversations consistently introduce me to new ideas and empower me to embrace the unknown!  I enjoy seeing Ellie carry her message on social media via vulnerable and courageous posts!  When you feel called to work with Ellie, I trust you will follow that feeling and do whatever feels right to take the next step!”