What are you seeding?

Updated: Aug 12, 2020

What are you seeding to change the world?

"For a seed to achieve its greatest potential, it must come completely undone.  The shell cracks, the insides come out and everything changes.  For someone who does not understand growth it would look like complete destruction."

This has been another week of exponential growth.  I have never felt more purpose and passion in my life!  I continue to sit in the seat of expanding realization and relate to others, sewing the seeds of a New Paradigm.  As we create opportunities to dissolve social conditioning, enabling humans to realize their innate resonance with Earth, we will continue to implement creative solutions in order for all beings to live a life of peace, happiness and sovereignty.  Every day is an opportunity to take radical responsibility for how we show up in the world, or rest in the seat of truth to raise the vibration of realization for all.

I will keep this blog brief and prompt a few questions hopefully supporting your own discoveries:

What in this world activates anger or upset in your being?  How do you contribute to supporting this system to continue? What (baby) steps can you start with, to support a creative solution for this problem?

I will share some of my answers to these questions to spark some inspiration.

Upset is activated in my being when I think of commercial agriculture, and the pesticides and chemicals used that effect our eco systems. I have taken the steps to no longer buy from bulk chain stores and make a strong effort not to support the brands contributing to the greatest amount of deforestation.  I purchase from my local organic growers when possible, occasionally foraging (when possible in the city I live).  I have volunteer at local gardens and go to the farmers market weekly (I will even plan my day around it) to get my fruits, veggies and local organic free range eggs.  I also read labels and avoid purchasing packaged items that contain palm or soy oil, which is a huge crop contributing to deforestation.  Also I look for Rainforest Alliance Certified Coffee and Cacao which grows in harmony with the forest, as opposed to the modern bred coffee and cacao crops that require full sun, causing entire ecosystems to be wiped out.  I also rarely will eat meat or dairy.  I am not one to say that going vegan is the solution for our problems.  Buying just fruits, vegetables and legumes is also a problem.  As demand for exotic fruits and vegetables grows so does the deforestation.  Upon doing research for this article I discovered the detrimental deforestation of Mexican forests due to avocado farms :(  Also I recently discovered the impact Almonds have on the drought in California.

I believe that it is up to each and every one of us to pay attention to the source of our purchases.  Don't get paralyzed by these realizations, give yourself grace, and do what you can today.  Each day you will implement something new.  Each day you will learn how to connect with you neighbors, cultivate a garden, or create a harvest swap that brings joy, abundance and harmony to the flow of life on Earth.  There are so many native plant species that are edible and self regenerating, try foraging for a day!

By no means am I perfect, but I do know I can have a small impact in my community and Together We Are Capable to Make the Change We Want to See in the World!!!

I Love You So Much!

One Love. One Planet.

Here are some references if you want to dive in:

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