Welcoming 2019

Updated: Aug 12, 2020

Here we are again, welcoming another Gregorian Calendar year. I invite you to tune into nature, the rhythms of life and connect what Feels authentic and True for YOU!

I received the blessing of connecting with 25 or more people last night, some strangers, some acquaintances, a few very close friends and some lovers, all divine brothers and sisters. We shared the sacred space of the sounds of crystal bowls and chakra chimes, singing, sobbing, drawing, dancing, a process of release through burning, and also sharing our intentions for what we desire to experience this year to come. There is something unique about sharing an experience that invites you to let go and release, while being witnessed and witnessing others in their own sweet surrender. The co-creative space is fueled with prayers of the greatest good, the highest will and the grace of god. However you want to call it we invite the universe to support us in this human experience, realizing our greatest potential.

After closing circle the room was filled with rejoicing energy, sharing gratitudes and planting the seeds for what will come to fruit in divine time.

Release the Dis-Ease in Being and Allow your Nature to Celebrate and Rejoice the Communion with your Authenticity, yourSelf beyond conditioning. You are Worthy Because You were Born!

If you haven't already set your intentions for 2019, January 5th is a New Moon, a partial Solar Eclipse and a Portal day, a cosmic day to do so!

"Lion hearted Lady of the Solar ray, We ask to blend with your powers of courage, so we may reclaim, the beauty back to our Earthly life." -Lorye Keats Hopper

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you for the Blessings of my Humanity and the experience of the "In Between" realms that Guide my Path with Love and Gratitude!

Each experience making my Center a stronger Pillar of Truth.

I love you so much!

Blessed Be, Me and We

P.S. I invite you to explore the Galactic Calendar, Ive found it brings more ease, aligning my relationship to the cycles of the Earth, the Sun and the Moon.

Welcoming 2019

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