Trust In Your Body

Updated: Aug 12, 2020

Trust In Your Body
Move with the Air of the Breathe, Connect to the Rhythms of the Body, Honor the Nutrients of the Blood and Walk the Fire of The Spirit.

I've had several experiences through plant medicine that led me to visions of my own personal healing, also being the healing of the entire Earth. As a bodhi(body) worker, I have developed a sense of trust and ease in my own body. When someone approaches me for the first time who is desiring to feel better in their body, it is my responsibility to trust that they know what is best for their own body first and foremost, over my own experience as a LMT, RYT and Somatic Practitioner.  The ability to empower the harmonious connection to the body, is what we are all developing. 

Commonly in western medicine doctors will tell their patients what they "need" in order to feel better without offering them the resources to discover it for themselves.  (In some cases because doctors haven't developed their own personal resources). Also commonly, I have observed persons seeking to feel better in their body, will surrender their own abilities(consciously or unconsciously) to tune into themselves, for the recommendation of their doctors.  The recommendation will often come in the form of prescriptions that disguise the signals, often giving other symptoms, distracting the body from the ability to tune in to itSelf.  The ability to tune-in will ultimately lead to self healing. 

The body is our vehicle-our TEMPLE-for consciousness to move through this world.  If your car has a "check engine" light on- are you one to put masking tape over it, or are you one to get it checked out and get a tune up?  The latter is what, I feel, we should all be doing in our bodies.  The body talks, it is up to us to listen.  In current society, we are restoring our abilities to listen to our body.  It is a balance between effort and ease.  The effort comes in as a way of edging our way through the discomfort of looking at something.  What is that thing you've avoided looking at or that "usual" problem that has gone on for too long?  There is no such thing a "normal migraine" or "usual back pain", unless You Allow it to be so.  Those are major signals that your body is asking for you to bring your awareness to!  Perhaps your body is telling your you overwork yourself.  Perhaps your body is asking you to actually be with it more and get out of your head so much.  Perhaps your body is simply asking for its needs to be met through human connection. By tuning in, the body will speak, if you have the sense to listen. 

By honoring your body, you will -guaranteed- experience life more vibrantly and completely.  You will experience more ease with decision making because you will be able to do your own inquiry as to what feels correct.  The body has different ways of speaking to each of us.  This can be manifested as pain, dis-ease, sounds, feelings such as heat, tingling, sharpness or simply a "sense" of something.  There is no "wrong" signal, though as you become more attuned to your personal body's language, you will develop a sense of discernment as to what action steps can be made in order to bring together the three energetic brains of the body- the gut, the heart and the mind. This will in turn align your deepest desires to manifest. In order to be considered a brain, by science, the organ must have a neurological system, the ability to learn and have memory.  The stomach, the heart and the mind all have these qualities.  If we want to feel our best, it will require a rewiring or reprogramming of one, two or all three of these brain bodies. (More on this topic another blog) Never fear though my dears!  You are capable, worthy and willing to experience your best life!  You are supported with abundant resources to assist in this transition! 

The Divine Is On Your Side! 

If you or anyone you know is seeking to live a life more harmoniously in their body, have them reach me, it brings me great joy to share the resources I have cultivated in order to bring more peace and harmony in each and every body!

As we collectively come into greater awareness and harmony with our own bodies, we will synonymously heal our Mother Earth.  Invest energy into yOurSelf and you will be rewarded with an experience of life that supports you and all your dreams to come true.  

You are in a LIFETIME relationship with Your own Body- no body else.  May you live in Heavenly Peace and Harmony until Death do you part. 

In Lak'Ech ala Kin

I Love You SO Much!

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