Time: A compassionate companion for Self Realization

Updated: Aug 12, 2020

Directly before completing and submitting this post the body of it got deleted. So this post is significantly shorter than I thought it would be. A cosmic invitation for you to savor 3 more minutes digesting this idea and go within, because I believe that Self Realization is one of the most important and meaningful acts of service to yourself and this world.

Time: A Compassionate Companion for Self Realization

I understand this period in time may feel uncertain for many people. And for the life that some have been living

Do you dream of going back to the way things used to be? Or do you dream of creating a new life for yourself and your community as a whole lives with planet Earth?

I have Big Dreams and I am already seeing this "pandemic" experience catalyzing this into reality. As my fellow local business owners are being redirected into online platforms, my community is ready to step into a cocreative endeavor that will enable us to highlight each of our unique skills and talents with greater ease and opportunity for service and connection with our community. April 4th, thousands of people around the world, including myself, participated in a Global Peace Meditation. I posted this on my social media platforms, so I hope you had the opportunity to join us. If not then you are welcomed to join regularly through the link above. The intention is to create Global Healing and Peace through the scientifically proven results of meditation and prayer. The results of the frequency on Earth was palpable and documented through the Schumann Resonance scale.

If you cant go out, Go withIN

Blessings Abound Dear Ones

I am available for support, through Zoom for lifestyle coaching and skills for developing a Self guided home health practice and remotely for energetic healing.

Email: ME@LucidLoveLife.com

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