The Tip of the Iceberg

Updated: Aug 12, 2020

The Tip of the Iceberg

"This is just the tip of the Iceberg", my Yoga Teacher Training Instructor, Jessica Mihm said at the beginning of YTT.

There is this curiosity that calls me into the deeper waters of my being to discovery truths yet to be realized. I know that I am edgier than most people and I also am aware that this curiosity is what sometimes keeps me from stillness. Before completing my first week of training, I already have another deep dive planned. Tehe, I See.

"Curiosity killed the cat, but satisfaction brought him back."*

I associate this proverb with my curiosity to dissolve any false truths, and the satisfaction of a deeper self realization to bring forth an expanded authentic being.

I love expanding minds! I love opening hearts!

Turning impossibilities, to IM Possibilities!

Since I became a Licensed Massage Therapist, about 3 years ago now, I knew that I would go on to pursue my Yoga Teacher Training. Initially I envisioned myself going abroad and doing a month long intensive, which may still be a possibility at a future date. But after being on the road for a month I was desiring to get more grounded and do my training with my tribe at The Body Electric in St. Petersburg FL. I love the space and the vibe at the studio and I massage some of the staff and instructors. They are very thorough and meticulous is how they share things and I appreciate that.

While I've been living in tight quarters on the bus and being in the colder climate these last few months, I haven't had a ritual Asana (yoga of movement) practice. The schedule for this training in every other weekend for 9 weekends, which will have me completing the training the end of May. I'm so glad I chose this as my initial training, it allows me to slowly integrate the practice into my life, this first weekend I was whooped! Most of what we have been practicing and studying is all things I have explored on my own, but we are diving deeper into it. Its great to connect with a tribe of people who enjoy exploring these realms!

Last night I did my Pranayama (breath control) practice after smoking some herbs. I soon realized that I have already frequently connected to this level of awareness with the assistance of plant allies. I have reached different realms of awareness through plant ceremony and simple silent meditation. (I may share more about that in another blog) Some of my most profound discoveries happened when I was in Vipassana* (10day silent meditation). I am desiring to, with greater ease, connect to these realms without the plants allies (though I will always love and value them). I will pursue this practice, and see what I discover on my own.

There are many different forms of meditation, and that word is used loosely this day in age. One of them can be considered Pranayama (breath control), another Pratyahara (sense withdrawal or inward attention) and Dharana (focusing attention on a single point). These are all forms of doing meditation. Dhyana on the other hand is a state of meditation or uninterrupted flow of awareness that happens to you. This ultimately can lead to Samadhi (peace and connection to Divine). One women in the training asked, how do you know when you reached Dhyana? That answer was simple for me. How do you know when you've had an orgasm? You just know, once you've experienced it.

After being with my family last week I was faced with the discovery that, although I desire to connect to my being more deeply, not everyone shares that desire. In the pursuit of my passion, I unintentionally projected that desire onto a loved one. I've had this challenge before, when loved ones will share their experience, and I receive it as them complaining about their "problems". When I receive it that way, I go into the mode of trying to assist them in overcoming the obstacle. I now can see the error of that and will practice holding space for them with love for them just as they are, where-ever they are at and desire to be. I can listen without trying to change anything.

Beloved ones, thank you for you patience, I love you so much!

In Lak'ech


*More quotations you may be misinterpreting

*If you're curious about doing a Vipassana

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