The Power of Optimism

Updated: Aug 12, 2020

The Power of Optimism

Staying "positive" or being optimistic doesn't mean never experiencing pain, discomfort, frustration or sadness (or all the other "negative" emotions).  For me, optimism means experiencing each emotion ("good"or "bad") to its fullest and from that, a propulsion takes place moving me into the next wave of necessary experience for my expansion into the benevolence of life.  I feel blessed to know that I can choose this level of awareness, or to gaze through this window of perception with a sense of optimism, joy, wonder, bliss, awe and contentment.  This does not mean that I haven't had my share of pain or heartache.  Though I am grateful for this human experience and am happy to live it!  I enjoy experiencing the changing seasons and cycles of life and death, each one bringing new perception, new awareness, new stories and skills to share.

I began writing this post about three weeks ago, and here I am completing it, finding it more important than ever to share.  Divinely orchestrated for me to complete this post to offer you all in this time of uncertainty.

The Things You Believe- Do They Help or Hinder?

I believe that this "global crisis" is a collective re-calibration of the way society operates.  It has been decades that Earth has been showing her aches and pains for the way we have lived in the past. This will require us to remap our minds. A conscious effort of letting go of poor habits and energizing what nurtures well being (its like global recovery from the addiction of non-beneficial behavior). The necessity for everyone to isolate, is giving us all the time and space to assess our needs and values for a harmonious way of life.  We are being forced to be conscious of our mental, physical and spiritual health.  We are releasing ourselves from the daily grind, so much of society has been unconsciously subscribed to.  We are all being forced to assess what we "have to" do.  Noticing most of the "have to's" can gently fall away allowing our spirits to thrive in our Awesome, yet simple existence.  This allows us all time to be with ourselves more intimately, with our families and close ones more intimately, redeveloping our connection to Spirit and the Earth elements.  We relearn how to take care of our needs with the most simple of amenities.  We now have time to nurture our crafts and hobbies.  What has your soul been yearning to experience, express or share in this world?  Show up for yourSelf!  Rise to the occasion.

I accept this chapter in our human timeline as our collective plan to direct the course of our species.  This is a great opportunity for all of us!  We have never seen a global crisis like this before, causing us to all comprehend, that we are all in this together!

There are two choices, Love or Fear.  If we fall prey to fear, our awareness becomes contracted and we feel limited.  When we embrace Love as our God given right, the fear of the unknown will dissolve.  We can then accept that its okay that we dont have all the answers right now.  Creative solutions will spontaneously arise.  We can take conscious action, or non-action, in order to bring about the new life experience we all are worthy of experiencing.  We are all conscious co-creators of this reality.  What part will you play?  What role feels meaningful for you step into?

If you are willing and ready to step into your role as a Conscious Creator, we will be meeting the Heartfull Minds to enlighten some creative solutions and co-creative projects for our community.  Please email me at

If you are seeking some guidance during this re-calibration I am happy to offer free consultations and am offering some economical options for coaching in this time of financial crisis.

In Deep Profound Gratitude,

Blessings Abound!

We are Alive and Able to Respond,

Lets make this a great place for Every body- plants, animals, humans and elementals.

We are All One.  Let us reflect the Beauty and Divinity back to our Great Creator!

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