The Past, Presence and Patience

Updated: Aug 12, 2020

Past, Presence and Patience

Well, just when I thought I would be able to put trauma behind me, I get hit while on my scooter. This past year has been a whirlwind of trauma to my body. Though, thank G.O.D. I've had no broken bones! I have faith in the Good Orderly Direction of my journey, trusting this is all guiding me to where I'm meant to be. By accepting what is, I am able to have miraculous healing, and not allow the trauma of the past inhibit me from moving along in my journey.

When I landed on the ground after getting hit (with my helmet on), I screamed, cried out, growled, shouted and shook my body. I did not remain in a state of freeze while my Sympathetic Nervous system adapted to the stressors of trauma. I did everything I could to release the fight or flight response from my body in the moment I knew I was alive and was going to be attending to by the proper medical care. As I cried in the ambulance, the EMT kindly said "You're gunna be okay". I knew that I would be, though I feel its vital to welcome those releases of emotion for a complete healing and recovery to health. If I were to remain frozen, then the trauma from the accident would have remained trapped in my body, as so many other people experience through traumatic life events. Which is commonly why victimized patterns repeat.

Coincidentally, I already had a Soul Retrieval scheduled for two days later with a Shamanic Healing, Honu Walters of Acupuncture Alchemy. The process of soul retrieval is intended to reclaim soul bits that remain remotely from the body from the time of a traumatic event. I was recommended to do this by two of my spiritual mentors. After the process I felt like I had reclaimed parts of myself that had checked out during and abortion I had over 10 years ago, among other bits that were indistinguishable. I've felt a stronger sense of myself since the process.

If we allow ourselves to be attached to past events, whether physical, emotional or spiritual, then we will be inhibited by what life has in store for us, in this very moment of presence and how we are being directed for our life purpose. I had been saying for months that I've been in the process of creating some online courses to support people in accessing the tools for Self realization and personal development. Now, through this most recent accident, I am propelled into embodying that role quicker than I otherwise would have been. I am taking the active steps each day for my physical rehabilitation, and simultaneously writing the content in which I've been "dying to share".

I use the phrase "dying to share", because in a small way, my spirit was stifled by not sharing what it has yearned to share with the world. So, I will be sharing the importance of embodying our unique blueprints, so that our spirits are not stifled, so we may feel uninhibited in authentic character expression in this world.

A friend shared with me, that some people who are on the "front lines" are the ones most susceptible to harm. And in my case, I can see why he'd consider me on the "front lines". I invite people into their edges of growth, into the dark depths, that have been unmapped, the sea that has yet to be witnessed and a place to discover new life and vitality.

It is vital that you have the tools you need to access your own wisdom, and cultivate a healthy relationship with your body and character! This will allow you to live your fullest most vibrant life, for the benefit of yourself and everyone around you! When you become the light of your own life, not only does it serve you, it also inherently serves to the world. I invite you to release the fear of becoming and allow your inner light to shine! I will be your guide, your peer, your mentor, your cheerleader, and your friend through this process, that will ask you to walk through your edges of growth for authentic expression. After our plan together, you will be equipped with the tools you need to have full access to your own Internal Intelligence (I.I.). You will then become the Captain and the First Mate of your own ship, where you can say "I. I. Captain", and have the ability to swiftly get on the path that your own GPS is guiding you.

I will keep you all informed as these programs develop and I am currently taking appointments for consultations to begin these coaching calls for anyone seeking to develop skills for personal empowerment.

Thank You Great Spirit for supporting me, guiding me, engaging with me so that I may understand better and know the way.

To Thy Own Self Be True.

P.S. In this transition of roles for my professional practice, I am asking that anyone who has had a session or treatment with me, that you please leave me a testimonial with a picture you'd like me to use for my website and any constructive criticism that could enhance my service. You may email this to me directly to and also if you feel inclined may additionally leave a review on Facebook. Sincere Appreciation for your unwavering support!

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