Solstice, Full Moon and Meteor Shower...

Updated: Aug 12, 2020

This has been a very energetic time of communion with Self and others.

Since my return from ISTA (International Studies of Temple Arts) I have been moved to integrate and share all of the gifts I have received in that Life Changing experience! This has been me, expressing mySelf more than usual, serving more and sharing more. I feel like my Inner Well has been filled and is now Overflowing onto everyone I encounter.

I have connected to mySelf in a greater way than I could have ever imagined, I yearned for this feeling and didn't really know what I was missing, how I was going to experience it and in what package it would come in. I was able to experience Free Liberated Love, in myself and relating to others. I realize that when I deeply connect to the action of my heart's path, my well fills up with so much love that it spills out into all things that I participate in. In turn I am nourished by the gratitude from others, by me living my authentic truth, expressing freely and brightly with clear and distinguished boundaries.

I originally had plans to go to a Solstice gathering, but after an active week of outward expression and integration, my body told me, "It's time to rest." Although I made those plans to meet up with friends and my spiritual community, I knew that if I did, I would not be honoring my own being and what I really needed. I stayed in. My community understood and I didn't have to justify or explain myself. Since I honored myself deeply, I was also met with my community honoring where I was at. If I had any wavering doubt of what I needed then I may have been met with some resistance from the people I had committed to.

Commitment means nothing unless you first commit to yourSelf! Think about this; if you commit to something or someone, whether large or small, and at some point you are not feeling a full YES to that situation, you are not only dis-servicing yourSelf but you are also dis-servicing the act or the people you made the commitment to. You will only partially be there. This is an opportunity to be honest and authentic with yourself and others. This is a time to make requests for your needs, share your fears and make the boundaries that allow you to feel safe and at ease in your Being.

I cannot tell you what your path will look like. Connecting with your deepest Truth is an act of listening to yourSelf.

Some questions you can ask to connect to your unique Truth:

What really lights me up?/What makes me feel hardened and tense?

Who do I feel Most Loved around?/Who do I feel uncomfortable around?

When do I feel playful and uninhibited?/When do I feel stuck?

What food makes me feel nourished?/ What food makes me feel sick or addicted?

(This can be a tricky question to tap into, I encourage moderation in all things, not abstinence. You are worthy of sweetness and Grace.)

What brings greater ease in my Being?/ When do I feel overwhelmed?

Is this a Full YES?/ What terms of my agreement can make me a Full YES?

(If there are none, then that its a Full NO!)

I hope my sharing has brought some insight into some ways that can bring you towards your unwavering Truth. May you be a Strong Pillar of Love in this time to Rejoice with your Beloveds!

Blessings Abound.

Solstice, Full Moon and Meteor Shower

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