Allowing Abundance & Ready to Receive

Updated: Aug 12, 2020

Allowing Abundance and Ready to Receive

These last few weeks have been pretty wavy emotionally for me. Ive been through the heavy, gritty emotions of self doubt and unworthiness, while simultaneously feeling a twinkle of Truth. Feeling anchored in Peace amongst a turbulent sea of changes.

I nurtured my emotions, I asked them what they needed and how they could feel more heard and expressed. I cried a bunch and also expressed some heavy growling with "safe punching". This went on for maybe an hour or so, with the coaching and support of my tribe.

In some cases, especially if you haven't done emotional release work in a while (or ever!), you may feel a sense of vacancy in the body post release. Try to be with that, leave it empty and open. Avoid filling the emptiness with emotional eating or other forms of bingeing. Just know its okay to be free and vacant from the emotional baggage or conditioning that no longer serves your growth and realization of self.

You have likely seen static electricity, which is energy (electrons) built up to the degree they eventually fire or spark. Emotions (energy in motion) are the same way. If you hold onto emotions and try to (or unknowingly) possess them, they with spark pain in the physical body. That internal spark or firing of pain ("check engine light") calls your attention in order to move and release the stagnant energetic blockage.

By nature, I am at peace with a sense of playfulness and can flow with the fluctuations of life. That being said, seeing a grown person crying, growling and punching in a public setting is not deemed acceptable in our current society or may not look like someone who "has it together". I dont care. I do it anyway!

We are not meant to "hold it together". Social conditioning at a young age taught me, and many others that it is not okay to express emotions in public or in some cases, at all! By allowing emotions to be fully expressed, makes the space in the physiology for our authentic nature to be. If we do not condone our feelings then we will continue to let the feelings possess us. In no way do we "own" our feelings, they should not possess us and there is nothing wrong with ANY of them! They are just wanting to be felt and expressed.

I strongly encourage you all to emote whatever, whenever you are feeling it! If a child expresses themselves in the moment, they may lash out, though usually will quickly return to the playground. Parents, let your children show you how to express emotions, naturally and authentically, without trying to fix or subdue! Let your children express themselves without shunning them. Allow the children to teach us to connect to our innocence, our imagination and unconditional love!

After all the release work regarding self worth and self doubt, I had some healing tribal connections to shine some exalted reflections of love back to me. I was able to connect to myself and others in ways I hadnt yet before. I leaped off my edge of comfort into the unknown, and discovered parts of myself that hadn't thus far been revealed.

I feel like part of the reasoning, the turbulent emotions arrived, was because I was pushing too hard to create, instead of being in a place of allowing the creation to move through me. I was trying to figure it out mentally first, now Im living in the knowing that I am guided with my purpose in heart. Moving gently.

Allowing Abundance and Ready to Receive.

May this share be for the Liberation and Realization of mySelf and All Beings.


PS If you are seeking a place to move energy and learn tools that can support you living in your authentic nature, connect with me and/or the tribe for TEMPLE!

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