Radical Self Love: Self Attunement

Radical Self Love: Self Attunement

What is Self Attunement? Self Attunement is the bringing oneself into a state of harmony, and making oneself aware and aligned with the changing needs of ones body, mental thought patterns and emotional field.

How to become Self Attuned? The first step in becoming Self Attuned is developing the witness consciousness in oneself. The witness consciousness is the awareness of ones own experience. It’s the awareness that notices what’s happening, what’s being felt, smelt, heard, seen, sensed and tasted. It’s the awareness that notices what your thinking. It’s the awareness that notices when you are judging yourself or others. The witness notices without judgment, without input, with pure unadulterated awareness.

When developing witness consciousnes, the most significant challenge from my own experience, has been distinguishing my thoughts from the witness consciousness. Thoughts are not the witness. The witness is the one observing the thoughts, and thoughts are what are being observed by the witness. The witness is the one who notices how you felt after you ate that food. Your mind is the one who judged what you ate as “good” or “bad. The witness is the one who notices how someone made you feel. The mind is the one who judged that person as “good” or “bad”. The witness notices and the mind creates associations that guide the experience.

When I became more attune with witness consciousness, I started seeing how the mind identifies itself with things. I noticed how my actions and thoughts were formed by my earlier experiences. I noticed how my thoughts and feelings guide the way, either towards incongruence or towards my soul’s urge to expand my human experience.

In witness consciousness, we are better equipped to free ourselves from suffering. Which is where the second phase of attunement comes in. We are then able to think and act in new ways, creating new patterns that are aligned with presence, for the soul’s interaction and expansion with life. Free from the expectations or habits that inhibit one from being fully present, we are able to simultaneously be receptive to the changing universe, able to adapt to the environment or change thought patterns or actions that would support one to become Self Attune in any situation.

Being in this awareness fosters the ability to be fully present for any and all feelings that may arise, without attaching to them as personal identifications (ie: using I am or I have statements like I am a victim or I have arthritis). These are all just examples of experiences, though they are not “who we are”. I can be victimized or experience illness, without identifying with them as “I am” or “I have”. I allow a healing presence by noticing or experiencing the feelings in their fullness without attachment.

The mind is the one who can remap the thought patterns to create attunement within the bodies human experience. Humans are multidimensional beings, capable of experiencing the multiplicity of human, earthly and cosmic intelligence. When we witness/notice a reoccurring pattern (mentally and viscerally) that is not in alignment with our soul’s urge for human experience, we can change course. This may look like changing the thoughts, diet, exercise, relationships, interests, language, hobbies, and work or play. You will know what to do in a state of presence.

This is the path of being an evolutionary human. Movement and Stillness simultaneously exist. The more presence we embody, the more currency(current see/sea) we experience. Allowing the river of life to move through us, for us, we can sense our wholeness, in being a drop in the ocean of the human consciousness. We step into our creative nature, our abundant nature, our empowered way of being. We start living harmoniously with ourselves and with our environment. We are on the path here and now.

What is your soul’s urge in this moment, in this season, in your lifetime?

Id love to hear about your experience with this. What are your greatest challenges? What are your greatest celebrations?


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"Can I Get a Witness" by Marvin Gaye

Next post I'll share about the next steps to Radical Self Love, Stay Attune!

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