Planting Seeds for Budding Blossoms

Updated: Aug 12, 2020

Planting Seeds for Budding Blossoms

(above image is one of my favorite spring time blossoms, the Tabebuia Tree)

Happy Equinox!  It has been over a month since I posted last.  I have had moments of overwhelm, feeling like, there has been too much that has happened since my last share to put in one post.  I am present with my experience and desiring to keep you informed and recap for my own benefit.  I have had some clearing done and planting the seeds for new growth this coming season!   

Since the last post, I have moved into a beautiful 3 bedroom 1 bathroom home that I am sharing with two divine sisters!  I am feeling very grateful to have a place to ground into and create as an extension of myself.  In our home we have a lovely sunroom that faces east with great windows facing two huge oak trees and morning sunkissed skys.  We are using this space for Yoga asana practice, meditation and one on one in hohm sessions (contact me for details).  One of the women I live with is also in my yoga teacher training, which is great, allowing us each to practice our teaching on each other, though weve yet to make time to do so.  The other women I first met as a client and knew right away that we were cut from the same cloth.  We all share similar values, respect each others space and have similar desires for the hohm. It was the first weekend in March that I moved into the hohm and slept in a grounded bed for the first time since Ive been living on the bus.  It was quite an experience to sleep in a bed, on top of the wheels of a bus!  You don't always find a flat place to park, especially when traveling the mountains of North Carolina and Tennessee!  I still cant decide whether its better to sleep with head or feet towards the top of a hill.  Needless to say I happy to earth some roots now. 

Since Ive been back in the city, Ive wanted a scooter to get around for the rides that felt a bit too long to walk or ride my bike.  I planned to pick a scooter up from a private seller in Tampa the day after moving into the hohm.  I grabbed a helmet from the Peace House (communal house I was parking the bus), that my friend wasnt using.  The scooter is a 2014 Wolf Jet with only 450 miles on it.  Being in great condition, I took it for a test ride and it felt great!  I love the feeling of the wind blowing in your hair and being hyper aware of the surroundings.  Ive always felt safe riding because of the lack of barriers, Im able to see even the slightest movements and hesitations people have driving in cars, I feel empowered to shift quickly if needed. 

Upon the title and money exchange, Jimmy and I got a bite to eat and proceeded to head back to St. Petersburg.  He followed me in the bus across the Gandy bridge with no problem.  I knew I didnt want to take I275 or 4th St. to get to my destination because of the amount of traffic, so I attempted to take 16th St, but that didnt connect all the way to Gandy, so I turned around and decided to hop on I275 anyway.  Right before I was going to get off of the next exit I felt the scooter fishtailing.  I was acutely aware of the situation.  I quickly proceeded to let off the throttle gently but efficiently.  I knew if I let off too quickly the bike could spin out faster.  I moved to the right side of the lane and knew I would either be able to slow down enough to stop or I would have to lay the bike down unexpectedly.  The latter of the two happened and I tumbled off the bike.  Once my body was still, I immediately started Ujjayi breathe (a diaphragmatic breathing technique to calm/ strengthen the nervous system) and knew I was okay!  I didnt hit my head, and I felt the worse of my injuries was on my left ankle.  The guy who was directly behind me stopped to see if I was okay and I waved to confirm.  An off duty ambulance also pulled over right away to check on me.  Jimmy, who was a few cars behind, ran over to me with freight in his eyes.  I assured him I was okay.  The EMT put an ice pack on my ankle and checked my pulse which was only 129/80, which translates to the pre-hyper blood pressure phase!  That is amazing considering I just flew off a scooter going about 30-40mph on the highway!   Im convinced my hyper awareness and Ujjayi breathe kept my nervous system stable. 

After I refused to be taken to the hospital, the fireman and EMTs loaded the scooter in the back of the bus.  I suppose I could have done that from the start, but I wanted to scoot!  On the way hohm we dropped the scooter off at the mechanic so they could diagnose what happened and see if it was still in good running condition.  The scooter mechanic wasnt open but the neighboring car mechanic was, so they were kind enough to hold the scooter in their shop until the scooter mechanic opened the next day. 

When I got back to the house I cleaned the wounds.  The one on my ankle was yucky!  The flesh was absent, revealing the underlying tendons.  I had a few other scrapes on my elbows and big toe, some bruises, but nothing broken, just flesh wounds.  Fewf!  Thank you skin for taking the fall and protecting my insides! I took a salt bath that evening and rested into the next day.  I thought, wow, I have all this time, what a great opportunity to practice meditation.  That will help me heal with swiftness.  The house was vacant.  My roommates hadn't moved in yet and the house lacked the warmth of being lived in.  I just wanted someone to be with me and take care of me at my bedside. 

The next day Jimmy came over to cook for me and we watched movies which was a nice distraction.  I hardly ever just netflix and chill.  I kept my foot elevated and surprisingly wasnt in too much pain.  I was able to walk around with just a little hobble.  I kept off it as much as possible though, except to go to the bathroom. 

The following day I went to see a dear Massage Therapist and Ayurvedic practitioner friend, Barry Cooper, who gave me a very healing and nurturing massage.  I then followed up with a chiropractic adjustment from my friend Dr. Johanna Hartley who owns Atlas Chiropractic.  As a sweet nectar to top that, I went to Roots of the Sun and picked up some Calendula to make a regenerating skin tea and some Skin Savior Salve to speed the wound recovery. 

I feel so blessed to have these relations, especially in this time of need!  Im glad that we, as a community are all capable of taking as we need or giving when we have abundance! Truly empowering to know and experience our interdependence! 

I dont have health insurance, I dont pay a monthly premium for times of emergency.  I have personal relationships.  My relationships are my insurance, and my self care is my security, when I dont have my own stability, I know I can reach out for help.  I serve them and they serve me.  This is community.  When we connect to our community there is little need for institutions of oppression.  If you are in a place of insecurity, I highly recommend you get yourself out there in your community.  Even if you feel intimidated or vulnerable, that is one of our greatest assets!  When you open yourself to the resources of tribe, you will be fully supported when you need it and have people to share with when you are feeling abundant! 

[In addition to all of the other self prescribed protocol Im doing, my research led me to discover a natural compound called Shilajit for fast cellular recovery.  It comes from the Himalayas and is used for recovery of tissue and bruising and many other health benefits. Here is the link for the one I purchased on etsy.]

A few days later the mechanic got back to me and said that the valve stem on the tire had snapped and thats why the rear tire blew out.  Being that the scooter wasnt driven much the valve stems were dry rot.  Lesson learned, have a mechanic check it out before riding, no matter what condition it drives in!  They were able to replace that and also told me nothing mechanically was wrong with the scooter, so everything else checked out fine!  Yay!  I can scoot again!  Although this near death by scooter accident happened, it doesnt deter me from riding again.  It was simply an accident.  At first, I was racking my brain, contemplating, What Is The Lesson?!?!  I will just continue to wear a helmet and any new vehicle purchase will get checked out before driving.

This all happened on a Monday, I didnt have appointments scheduled Tuesday and I took Wednesday off from work.  With the care I give myself regularly and all the self care I was doing since the accident, I was feeling really well!  Overall I was walking and feeling fine, my booboos just looked yucky, although I did have them wrapped up.  I felt ready to have a light day at the studio Thursday and had 3 hours of massage scheduled.  After that, I still felt really well.  I went home rested and had another light day scheduled the next day.  The first session I had was a 90 minute session, immediately after, I felt a recoil.  I had some emotional releasing and was feeling like I needed to physically rest! So this was 4 days later, after all the self care and feeling fine, my body and emotional state had recoiled, processed and was able to release the trauma.  Amazing how our body stores things.  This was a wonderful observation as to how unpredictable our traumas can come up and when we are ready and willing to give ourselves the space, are also able to release in a healthy way! Also, I feel strongly that if I wasnt caring for myself as well I do regularly that it would have been a LOT more difficult to recover, especially in the short time that I have thus far. (Hint: take good care of yourself regularly and when trauma arises, you are able to face it and heal it much quicker!)

This last weekend I went to my Yoga Teacher Training and was able to perform most of the postures with modifying some of them.  Most people know Yoga as a physical practice, but that is only 1 of the 8 limbs of Yoga.  This injury has already and will continue to bring me more deeply into all 8 limbs of Yogic practice. After my YTT, I was eager to experience some live music that I love and I rode my bicycle for the first time since the accident to an outdoor concert about 20 blocks away, which felt good!  I had the bandage wrapped snuggly around my ankle in order to keep it fully supported.  I went to the Reggae Rise Up concert and saw Iya Terra, Tribal Seeds and Trevor Hall.  I danced my booty off and had a blast!  It actually felt really healing to be able to get into my body with such flow.  I felt like I was able to express myself unrestricted which helped to dislodge any stagnant energy that could have lingered from the accident.

It has now been a little over two weeks since the accident.  My scrapes are all healed up, bruises gone, all that remains that I can see or feel in the wound on my ankle, which will take some time for the flesh to grow back.  After that I will be able to start building my range of motion again with my Asana (yogic posture) practice.  Until then I am giving my body rest, taking Shilajit, Calendula tea and using the Skin Savior Salve for my recovery.  Ive been diligent with my Pranayama (conscious breathe control) and allowing more time for Pratyahara (sensory withdrawal meditation). 

My house is feeling like Hohm and Im really grateful to have the loving support of my tribe, to be able to scoot around and dance, grateful to being diving deeper into Yoga and also super stoked about this season to come!  I am a budding blossom and will soon have a special announcement to share! 

Until then....

Illuminate Your Hearts Delight, Live In Love and Spread The Light


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