One Choice, One Love

Updated: Aug 12, 2020

What does is mean to connect to your heart's path? How is it that we bring this path to fruition? When is the "right" time to do the things? Where will all of this be possible?

The answer to all of these questions remains within this moment. The fullness of being is already present in (what) it feels like to be living in the freedom and joy of your heart's content. The (how) is answered by connecting with the feeling that you most desire, trusting and allowing the flow of creation to work through you, all things are possible. (When) the "right" time to do the things in order reach these goals is always in clearly listening to ourSelves. We are also attuned to when it is time to rest and sit in the void of possibilities, allowing the clarity to come forth for correct action.

Intuition will gracefully allow us to experience life and feel the gusts of wind that steer us in order to return to our Path. (This article explains the role wind, ie:stress has on a trees ie:our life)

No matter (where) the geographical location, this is possible, but it is the beauty of this multiverse to explore and experiment to connect to the location that is pulling your heart strings, for the universe guides us to the divine connections that will support our Vision to come Life in the Waking Dream.

In loving ourselves, the Wholeness ("little" and "higher" selves included) of our Being, we are connected to the Knowing of "Its All ready All right, All ways All right". The universe works in mysterious ways and if we were to know the way our Path would be paved, it would take us into our minds and away from the surprise, wonder and infinite possibilities that would Align us Best with All our Heart filled contentment.

You are perfect as-is, and the fullness of your being gives you the grace to expand into all that you are to become!

Know ThySelf. Love ThySelf. All is One. Love.

One Choice, One Love

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