Updated: Aug 12, 2020


Have you you've loved or worked long and hard in order to bring forth your visions into reality... then suddenly momentum picks up!?!  You are overwhelmed with all the things manifesting, supporting your vision to come to fruition.  That is life's way of saying Yes!  Really, its the internal subconscious that is finally meeting you with a FULL YES to all your heart has been yearning for!  All you have been dedicated your time to, all the trials and victories you've had until this point, all that you have dreamed up is coming to fruition.  When subconscious feelings of doubt creep in, the universe will move slowly, like molasses, until you are at a complete YES, or until there is resolve with the discord relating to all that you are creating, seeking to experience or manifest.  Sometimes is these moments, I have experienced fright like, "oh shit, is this all really happening?!"  In those moments it has best served me best to count my blessings, be in gratitude and breathe in the frequency of knowing "I am worthy of experiencing my heart's content."  Have conviction in self worth, that all that you have done until this point has served you well and is contributing to the magic of the life as you know it.  Whether coming from privilege or hardship, each step in the journey has led to this particle experience of the miracle your unique experience of life.       

On the other hand, perhaps you've experienced your dreams coming true and notice that you feel sad, grumpy or stressed.  In this case your neurological pathways are showing some resistance to this new way of being, asking you to dial in and fine tune your channel.  It is like changing an old habit that hasn't served you: your desire is there to change it, you make your attempts and are successful for a little while, until maybe that habit creeps back in.... don't beat yourself up about the stumble, you are LITERALLY creating new neurological pathways in order to bring forth the new way of life. 

Envision a well walked path through the woods, its easy to walk, you have walked this path many times.  But perhaps you notice the living environment of this path no longer feels present like you first knew it to be, the wildlife makes less frequent appearances and you have foraged all you can from this way.  It is time to create a new path,  it will be challenging, you may have to cut your way through, you may encounter some obstacles, but you are hyper aware, you are fully activated and present.  You see wildlife that you haven't seen before, you connect with plants that you've only been told about, you're learning new ways of connecting to your internal rhythm in harmony with nature.  You are learning to create a new experience for yourself and influencing the environment around you.  You begin to receive messages from nature, heightening your awareness to the beauty and blessings that life is for you!  You may come to an intersection of the old path, but as you compare your old experience with the new- you realize, it is not worth it to go that same old way.  You feel the reward of braving the unknown.  You are fully supported, by your internal truth, You Are Worthy because you were born, You Are Creative because you are connected Life, You are Powerful because you have Presence, You are Love because you choose to know ThySelf, You Are Beauty because you are a unique expression of God/Goddess, You are Safe because you are Aware, You Are Bountiful because you are made of the Infinite Intelligence that makes up all things, You Are Peace because you are Not bound by circumstance.

May All Beings Feel Peaceful, Happy and Liberated.

I Love You So Much!


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