Meditation and Tantra

Updated: Aug 12, 2020

Meditation and Tantra

Deep meditation and sensual Tantra practices are both ways of unveiling some of the deepest layers of our human experience.  I do not believe that sitting in silent meditation is the only way to have an enlightening experience.  In some cases, human touch can facilitate enlightenment to areas of our being that have been shamed, traumatized or neglected. In either case we are getting high on our own supply of neurochemicals and divine connection.  I don't feel there is anything wrong with that, in fact I feel like it is the purest and most activating way for self realization, allowing expansive layers in the miracle of being.

Meditation that has come to be mainstream (for good reason), can be defined in many different ways.  The way I experience meditation, is through practice, practice, practice. Listening to a guided meditation, concentrating on the breathe, or a single point, for me, does not describe what exactly meditation is, but that may be the method in which I achieve the meditative state. Meditation is a state of consciousness that "happens" when you practice deep awareness.  It is a state of awareness that dissolves separation.  In this state, I experience a sense of being all things, everything in the environment, I Am uninterrupted flow of awareness.  The greatest benefit of meditation can only be experienced through practice.  With the outward focus of our society, constantly being bombarded with judgement and distractions, practicing meditation regularly can allow you to clear the "junk mail" of the mind and allow a deeper more authentic current of connection to your all knowing self, enhancing your intuition.  

Tantra, from the root word tan-meaning "expansive" or "whole", recognizes the entire fabric of existence as an expression of divine energy.  The essence of tantra is that everything in the universe is an expression of the divine and thus can be tapped as a source of divine consciousness.  This is much different from the dualistic renunciate practices of many Yogis, Seekers and other religious teachings.  This is the main reason why I live a tantric life.  I believe that everything in life is woven into the divine web of existence.  No thing is separate from all that is.  I do not renunciate anything, but I do have preferences and I may have times of conscious withdrawal.  Tantra has allowed me to embrace all parts of myself as a complete being.  I permit myself to enjoy all the ways of living that feel true and authentic to my unique way of showing up as a divine being co-creating our human existence.

Although I am an advocate of Meditation and Tantra, I know that attaching to either of these two states of being permits suffering.  If you are someone who meditates diligently and then skips a sitting, do not get agitated or feel shameful for missing your practice. Missing a sit does not change the worth of your being.  The state of meditation is temporary anyway, as everything is.  Try not to permit your lack of practice to interfere with your ability to enjoy a peaceful vibrant life. On the other hand, don't permit a vigilant meditation practice to inhibit your ability to integrate with the world. Meditation should be something that enhances your connection to life, it should not be a crutch for why you have a "good" or "bad" day.  You are worthy and capable of enjoying peace and harmony with or without a meditation practice by simple being aware throughout you entire experience. If you identify as a tantric person and are not able to meet your sensual (taste, touch, sound, sight and smell) appetite, do not blame your poor morale on the fact you were not able to fulfill your desires.  Tantric living does always have to include sensual touch.  Though in my experience, touch is a very activating way to enhance energetic connection, especially with a partner(s), by multiplying energetic channels. Though, through practice of awareness, your own personal energetic connections will be enhanced, ie: someone who has a strong energetic field or aura (someone you feel has "good vibes"). Tantra is a way of living that can enhance your capacity for joy and pleasure, though it should not be a state of feeling bound by the sensory experiences of life either. Tantra allows you to connect to the vitality through all parts of the living experience.  Try not to give away your ability to enjoy life to its fullest, solely through the ability to being sensually satiated.  The juice of life is all around and the connections made are within you, begin to notice what you have overlooked as "meaningless", there is something special for you there.

We are fully capable of having a dynamic living experience with or without practicing meditation and/or tantra.  Though, for me, utilizing these methods has expanded my ability to deepen and enhance my living experience.  By simply appreciating the multiplicity of life, we are consciously connected to the supreme source of creation and awareness of all things.  We are boundless beings having a finite experience. Appreciate the infinite through the finite.

In Joy!

As always, you are a sovereign being and welcome to leave or take whatever golden nuggets you read in these articles. These are simply suggestions made upon my own unique discoveries and are not for every one.

"To Thine Own Self Be True."

P.S.  Johnny Vajra of Metagene Health and I are hosting a Summer Soulstease Celebration June 22nd in honor of the Solstice and the cycles of life, we would Love to have you Join Us in this sensory Tantric experience.  We will be discovering new ways of surrendering to pleasure and play, while exploring radical self responsibility through conscious communication skills. If the event description doesn't answer your questions and you are curious and want to know more, you are welcome to contact Me@LucidLoveLife.Com

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