Living Rights

Updated: Aug 12, 2020

Living Rights

Stephen Kinzer, a veteran journalist for The New York Times and the author of the book All The Shah's Men, writes in the latter that:

The Zoroastrian religion taught Iranians that citizens have an inalienable right to enlightened leadership and that the duty of subjects is not simply to obey wise kings but also to rise up against those who are wicked. Leaders are seen as representative of God on Earth, but they deserve allegiance only as long as they have farr, a kind of divine blessing that they must earn by moral behavior.

It was Sunday, August 11th.  I felt the need to commune with the salty sea.  It was about 4:00 in the afternoon.  I scooted to the gulf and found a fairly uninhabited spot on the beach.  I wanted to be sure I could hear the sounds of the sea clearly and not someones stereo blaring.

I placed my bag down and stripped down to my swimsuit.  I walked straight into the water, not hesitating to dive right in.  The waves were strong, which reminds me of the youthful beach time I experienced on the east coast of Connecticut, where I grew up.  Periodically getting a face full of ocean, I slowly paced my way outward, towards the vastness of the shoreless horizon.   

I wept... it felt natural, as waves of energy released from my physiology, allowing my being to feel at one with all things.  I thought of a reading I had about a month prior saying "You need to cry, A LOT."  At the time I had no conscious feeling of any repressed sadness, I even tried to evoke the sobbing after the reading with little results.  

I wept, as our great Mother Earth, hoping each of my relations would hear the cry to return to Nature...Harmony...Peace.  May we be free from the social programming of chaos and dissonance.  Imagining, or perhaps remembering....beginning as algae and exponentially expanding in to what we came to be, slowly and gracefully. 

Glad to be here now, recognizing my compulsions to fill my time and space with "doing", whether its eating, drinking, checking my phone, planning, working, socializing etc.  Being at ease with stillness, and having no agenda, not even "intentional stillness" like meditation.  This may look like "laziness" or "boredom", though do we observe nature as being "lazy" because it grows slow and steady?  It is not easy to unwind the behavior of compulsions, though the ease comes by allowing time, then a sense of timelessness is felt.  In this way of being, I feel like I'm able to allow the experiences that I am fully aligned with to be had.  In a sense, I'm getting out of my own way.  

I walked beyond the buoys, the water was still only to my shoulders, though the waves would come up over my head.  I plugged my nose so I could surrender to floating without concern of inhaling the salty water.  I noticed the silence underneath, the waves splashing atop.  Receiving the benefit of all the oceans negative ions charging the cells of my body, I felt peace. 

Moments later, I experienced a fear response from recalling an image Id seen on discovery channel and/or the movie JAWS, of a person floating and the "predator" coming up from underneath to swallow them whole.  I stood up and had a look around.  I would have never had that response if I hadn't seen that image.  My fear took my attention for a ride, from this peaceful moment of surrender in the sea, to one full of anxiety.  I know thousands of people have seen those images through media, and now thousands of people likely experience a fear of sharks or are afraid to go into the ocean.  This saddens me, as everyone should feel the ease and rejuvenating essence of the ocean.  75million people visit U.S. beaches every year.  Globally, in 2018 only 1 person died due to a shark encounter.  

For me, this enabled a reflection upon how each of us experiences fear in some way, myself included.  Perhaps afraid of the expanding consciousness entering my being, igniting me in flames for my molting - evolving into the awareness I Am BEcoming.  I wept for all kin to return to their living body, life in harmony, fearlessly surrendering in the womb of this sacred circle/spiral of life, feeling safe and completely in love.  Play with observing what things in your experience, come from an unjustified fear response.  This will be a practice of discernment that only you can decide. 

After reconciling with my unjustified fear, I then untied the neck of my bikini top and let my breasts float with the waves.  Feeling akin to the tides...I then released my bikini bottoms and tied them to the top so I could float freely, yet still have my suit to dress upon returning to the sunlit shore.  Fearlessly, I emptied my moon cup in the water, watching the blood swirl and disappear into the tide, thinking-if sharks want me, they can have me.  Needless to say, I didnt get eaten by sharks, or any other creatures.  As I began my walk back to the shore, I found two living star fish, each seemingly twins, same shape, size and color.  I couldn't help but think that they would make perfect protection for my nipples so that I could remain topless in the sun.  On second thought though, there little tentacles may be scratchy and it may cause them to suffer laying under the sun for sometime with me.  I let them free and I put my bikini back on after being in the water until my fingers were prunes. 

As I came ashore and upon setting up my beach towel and preparing to sun bathe, I took my top off and lay topless on the public beach, breasts towards the sun.  The warmth feels good on my flesh.  Though, thoughts keep arising of getting in trouble or what people will think when they see me.  Or worried of someone coming over and telling me I have to put my top back on, and how Id pretend to speak a different language, so I seemed ignorant to the "laws". 

Here are some LIVING RIGHTS:


*To Love and Be Loved *Interconnection *Nakedness *Breathe *Sovereignty *Water

*Fruits of Nature

*Exploration *Ability to Learn *Ability to Know

Inform me of any others that feel appropriate to ad to this list.  Im curious to hear your thoughts and feels about your living rights and how you exercise them in a society that deems a lot of inherent rights, unlawful.   

May All Beings Know Peace

May All Beings Feel Harmony

May All Beings Be Liberated

InLak'Ech Ala Kin


*Healing Update*

Dr. Alexis whom I met about a year ago at a moon circle I facilitated, was kind and offered to examine my mouth at her office, Florida Dental Centers of St. Petersburg for $59 (lower than any other quotes I've seen in the area).  She also gave me quotes for several options to replace my teeth after my jaw heals.  I was able to get an exam, cleaning and x-rays.  I was feeling really good about knowing my options more clearly and having my teeth cleaned (I like that sort of thing :D). Upon cashing out, the receptionist asked if I wanted to get fit for a temporary partial.  The cost was 1/4 of the pricing I was getting elsewhere, even with insurance, so I decided to do it!  Dr. Alexis recommended it since there would be such a long period of time (about 4 months) until my implants, and we wanted to keep as much of the original spacing for my new teeth as possible.  She said she could have me fit for the unit, right then and there!  I went back into the chair, they fit me for the temp partial and tomorrow (a week later) Ill have a full smile again!  It will be some months before I have a permanent set, though I will have the ability to bite into things and smile without my tongue sticking out! ;P  If you are someone without insurance, or dont have good dental coverage and you need to get work done in the states, I highly recommend checking out Dr. Alexis at the Florida Dental Centers in St. Petersburg FL. 

Boundless Blessings

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