Humbly Here.

Updated: Aug 12, 2020

It has been over a month from the bus accident. I am feeling low energy on the third day of this water fast, though I wanted to share with everyone a brief update. I have been honoring my body in new ways and embracing the feeling of an inward focus, perhaps a death of sorts. Amongst the daily tasks that keep me somewhat busy, I have been withdrawing from a lot of my previous commitments for my healing and recalibration. I am currently on the third day of a water fast in order to facilitate my healing through this yeast infection, which came about after taking my antibiotics prescribed post surgery. (I will document this journey in greater detail at another time for the benefit of all who decide that this may also be a way of healing their body)

I had a traumatic dream last night that I got in another accident, though as a passenger. Today I had plans to go get a bodywork session done and my helmet was stolen and the scooter did not start. Spirit signs were saying it wasn't the time to get on the road. My friend Zoe Dahl, instead, came to my house to treat me with some myofascial release and cranial sacral therapy, which had me feeling properly reset to balance. Also, a neighborhood friend was able to take my scooter to the shop for repair.

I'm feeling so grateful for everyone's support and deeply appreciate all of your contributions! Please continue sharing my fundraiser through this healing process. This too shall pass. I know that after all of this I will be more embodied than ever and have a more authentic way of showing up in the world. In this moment I am humbled to rely on the support of my tribe and trust in the mysterious divine.

Thank You Thank You Thank You.

Blessed to Be Here Now.

Embracing this Journey in All Ways!

With Sincere Gratitude,


PS I'm also feeling super pumped that my Mama is coming to visit me tomorrow! She hasn't been to see me in Florida in many years. Happy to receive my Mother's loving energy.

Humbly Here

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