Full Moon Eclipse Energy

Updated: Aug 12, 2020

When I returned from my road trip a few months ago, I shared how I participated in, the first ever, integrated Moon Circle with tribe at Celo, NC, one of the oldest intentional communities in the United States. It seemed long overdue, to have men and women share that ceremony of celebration! It was an honor and initiation into a a time of humanity living in Unity. I'm happy to say we held our first Temple, facilitating an integrated Full Moon Circle this past Saturday!

It seems to be a theme of this time, what may seem as obstacles, have been supporting things to align. Allowing spontaneity and improvisation to bring the flow forth as needed.

The event space we were scheduled to be in was locked and delayed our start. Although we were planning on having things set up and music playing as people arrived, to begin dancing and shaking the things lose, that just did not happen. The first arrivals witnessed us setting the temple space in silence. People started settling into a comfortable seat as we prepared for the evening. We finally, after our delayed start, got the music and bodies pumping. So it was, that the delay allowed for the last arrival to join us right before locking the doors for the container to be set. We had 8 lovely souls join us. We made heartfelt agreements and commitments to ourselves and each other for safety and surrender.

We connected to our physical bodies, by dancing, freeing ourselves from limitations, with sound and movement. While dancing, I allowed myself to be exposed, lightening my load of armor. I no longer subscribe to the need to hide my breasts while men can be topless without anyone flinching. Nudity is our nature and by claiming our nature, it no longer has to be sexualized all the time. In embracing myself, I felt no judgment, equally welcome and well received by my peers. After shaking things lose physically, we then brought awareness to our subtle bodies by doing Ananda Mandala, a Kundalini activating breathe practice. That is an intense 30 minutes of breathe, that hyper oxygenates the cells, accelerating the revitalization of the body. Each time I do this practice I have a unique experience. I find it to bring awareness to any holding patterns and allows the body to release any stagnant energy or emotions. It was perfect to have an even number of participants as we were also able to finish up with some paired intuitive touch.

Although Temple didn't go exactly as planned, by staying present, and living in the ease of being, it was divinely fruitful, an evening of connection and integration!

Dancing freely, without inhibitions, is such a profoundly healing activity! Sunday, the night of the Full Moon Eclipse, I went to Ecstatic Dance. After all the dancing at Temple the previous night, I wasn't sure I was going to have the energy to enjoy 3hrs of Ecstatic Dance. But once I got into a space of dancing without inhibitions, I stepped out of "time", I danced my face off and became fully immersed in transcendental movement and sound. This act always allows my awareness to be acutely aware of any holding patterns in my body and to free myself from them, which allows me to experience a more full expression of my authentic nature.

The more I don't care about what other people think about me, I am free of any internal bad talk to myself, or external bad mouthing others. I accept myself and others just as ME=WE are. Acceptance as-is, is a profoundly empowering act! It allows radical responsibility to come forth for each and everything we participate in. It also allows for grace, bringing ease to any thing that is temporary or in a transitional phase (which all things are). Also, I've noticed as I embrace the parts of myself, that may have in the past been seen as wild or taboo, it allows others to feel more free from the conditioning that has, in the past, kept them from fully embracing or accepting those parts in themselves.

Eclipse Energy - Shadow Tracking

So many spiritual teachings ask you to recognize your shadow, and I have always had difficulty really comprehending what that meant. Here is a excerpt from the training I participated in through ISTA that clarified it for me.

The Shadow is a disowned part of the self that is recognized when we project it onto others. The dark shadow shows up as something we dislike in others and the bright shadow as something we admire in others. Tracking allows us to notice the shadow in our self and others. Think of the shadow as prey and awareness as the tracker.

Tracking allows you to reclaim all aspects of the self. You come to know the True Self, as the aware space, from which the spiral of life emerges. You begin to recognize that you are the dreamer and the dream emerging from the Absolute Source of Creation. -ISTA

I really like how they distinguish the dark and light shadow. By putting others down, we in turn, put ourselves above them, when we say someone is better than us in anyway, then we inherently put ourselves down. We are all equally capable and worthy! So Blessed Be Are WE!

May you Know yourself, Be YourSelf, LOVE YOURSELF!

Full Moon Eclipse Energy

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