Empowered Decision Making

Updated: Aug 12, 2020

Empowered Decision Making

How often do you feel empowered in your choices? Is there ever times where you feel stuck or trapped by the options available to you? Do you get angry or frustrated by events in life that inhibit you from feeling able to experience freedom and joy? How would you enjoy having unlimited opportunities and not feel crippled by the options available to you?

These are some of the questions Ill answer in this blog from my own experience. And after reading this post, if there is anything regarding this subject or anything else that you would like to add, Id love to hear from you!

Often times, Ill notice people who feel victim of their circumstance. I see people who hate their job, their relationships, and their lifestyle. I also see people who allow circumstances outside of their control inhibit them from feeling the liberation that is resourced by tuning into the present moment. This saddens me because we All have the ability to be Conscious Choice Making Beings! Here I will share just a few ways that I have learned to empower myself and feel fully equipped to resolve any conflict that life presents to me with, what I feel to be grace and ease. Now dont get me wrong, as the conscious choice making being you are, you are totally entitled to do things an alternate way, though here Ill be highlighting what makes my life for the most part - easefully connected to joy, appreciation and gratitude even among the greatest of challenges.

Lets address how I feel empowered in my choices. I will give an example that I am experiencing currently. Right now I am uncertain what my living situation will look like in the near future. My two roommates are moving out, my landlord is expanding our home to include 3 more bedrooms, and my sister and mother are considering moving to Florida. I am not currently working in the studio, leaving some uncertainty as to the financial stability I once had prior to my scooter accident. So as you can gather, there are A LOT of moving parts in the foundation of my life right now. How do I stay grounded and not caught up in anxiety with all this uncertainty? I rest my awareness in the unlimited potential of the unknown and invoke the feelings I want to experience, while simultaneously nurturing the relationships and tasks that feel aligned with my passion and meaningful service in the world. The darkness, or the unknown, may seem like a scary place, though it is where all things come from. The unknown is full of limitless opportunities, so when I tune into the feeling space of what I want to have in my life, the universe conspires to align with the consciousness that is within me as a creator, bringing forth opportunities in ways that my mind could only imagine. Opportunities arrive that align with the experience I want to have. Often times these manifestations come forth in the least expected ways, and that is part of the mystery. We are not meant to know everything! And thank GOD for that! That would be way too much to think about! What would make the human experience worth living if we knew everything? Being human is such a magnificent experience of learning through play and exploration through the many facets of life. For those who have a dissonance in your humanness, just know, the only way out is through. When I allow myself to rest in the awareness that I always have what I need, I can let go of the anxiety of wondering "how am I going to get what I need?". Being the miracle I Am, as All Beings Are, my needs are brought forth, in Divine Time.

This is not to say that some people face different, perhaps seen as "more challenging" circumstances. Though allowing the awareness, that I have exampled above, can bring forth solutions with greater ease and opportunity than waiting in the feeling of worry, fear, anxiety or a limited believe system. I feel like each individual faces unique and equally challenging circumstances. In my opinion, what separates the people who experience more ease and joy in life from the people who experience dis-ease and upset, is awareness. (Refer to the documentary "Happiness") Where does your awareness begin? A feeling of ease-ful allowing, or anxious resistance? What can you be grateful for in this moment?

The serenity prayer comes to mind with this subject. "GOD grant me the

Serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the Courage to change the things I can, and the Wisdom to know the difference."

This to me says it all though I will expand upon it to clarify my interpretation. In any given moment we have the ability to accept what is. Now that doesnt mean some things are not more difficult than others to accept. Though once we accept what is, we can then move into the courage to chance the things that we can. Which in any given moment we can direct our awareness towards the feelings and experience we want to create for ourselves.

(Interestingly enough, I never completed this post when I first wrote it in May. Now I can expand upon the new blessings Ive received since my sitting with uncertainty.)

I now, have had a record breaking month connecting with new clients. The financial miracles continue to flow to me and I am ever grateful for that! I also have the blessing of having my blood sister move in with me from CT (Im in FL), along with her boyfriend and one other soul sister. Im involved with the St Pete Time Bank which has also supported many great connections, allowing me to step away from the tasks that Im not super skilled at (website SEO), and have someone else with greater skill and passion for it take care of that.

Tune In, Turn On, and Turn Up Your Inner Guidance System.

Need Help with That?

Contact me directly, thats what I Passionate about!

Deepest Gratitude and Big Love


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