Earthing - The Way of Living Harmoniously

Updated: Aug 12, 2020

Earthing - The Way of Living Harmoniously
I'm Grounded! and that's a good thing!

If you know me, then you likely notice that I am always barefoot! Yup! In stores, walking in the city or nature trails, wherever I am, Im usually barefoot, unless Im riding the scooter and in that case I wear shoes for safety reasons. I never really felt a reason to explain myself when people were surprised and never really gave much thought as to why, besides the simple reason of "Why not?!". After some research, I realized why I favor barefoot life so much and also why it is such an important part of living a life of vitality! The same way we ground the electrical system of our homes for safety - we, as living electrical beings, too need to ground our energy with the earth in order to sustain a healthy living body. I forgot to include in my post yesterday that I have invested in an Earthing mat! Since Ive been indoors resting a lot I decided it would be a good investment to speed my recovery and serve sustaining my health to make this minimal investment for a lifetime of creating balance with grounding my energy while indoors.

Just some of the benefits of grounding include reduction of ANY inflammatory condition- including but not limited to:

heart dis-ease, depression, pain, poor sleep, anxiety, irritability, PMS/hotflashes and fatigue.

Unlike what our parents instilled during our childhood punishments, being grounded is actually a good thing! So either get your butt outside and ground yourself, or if you must be inside, get yourself an earthing mat!

Included I've linked the website I purchased my earthing mat from and a resource for earthing sandals and another valuable resource link with more detailed evidence and research.

For Good Health and Wellness for All!

Scientific Evidence

Earthing Mat

Earthing Shoes

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