E-Motion=Energy in Motion (and why its important to keep it moving)

Updated: Aug 12, 2020

E-Motion=Energy in Motion (and why its important to keep it moving)

I am someone who inherently, has a pretty calm, easy going disposition. There isn’t too much that really “gets” to me. I usually hold a big picture perspective that gives me the ability to witness the mechanics of everyday life from a bird’s eye view, knowing that all things are “working out” as they should. Though people that know we more intimately get to see the depth of my acutely experienced emotions more colorfully and texturally than most.

This past year or so, I have allowed my emotions to be expressed more vibrantly than ever. I have experienced viscerally how E-motion is Energy in Motion. And as a bodyworker, I have been able to actually feel these energies leave the body. This process liberates the body from trapped emotions and experiences, allowing the body to be more current with the flow of life. When old emotions are trapped in the body, the patterns will repeat that were imprinted in the auric field the moment those emotions were inhibited from being fully expressed. I feel that it is important and valuable to express our emotions genuinely and authentically the moment they arise. Doing this ads a richness to our human experience that in most cases has been stifled since a young age when we were trained not show our emotions in public, and in some cases even punished for having them! If we observe children, we will see that when they are allowed to express themselves fully, without imposing shame or punishment that so many parents impress upon their children, then children very quickly return to their inherent quality of joyful play. We can do the same, which can even ad to the efficacy of our everyday interactions. If we can retrain ourselves to be in the flow of our emotions, and free ourselves of the entrapment we’ve been taught, then we can allow a greater sense of mindful presence, personal reclamation and emotional intelligence. This will mean, in some cases, looking like a crazy person in the eyes of mainstream society. The way I’ve embraced this is by shaking, jostling, growling, stomping my feet, weeping and hysterically laughing, among other forms of self expression in order to keep the energy moving. I realize that among our current society, that seeing a grown women doing this may seem taboo. I do it anyway. I do it for myself and as an example for others, that it is Okay to Feel! In fact, it allows us a reclamation of our sentient nature, which connects us to all life forms.

We are safe to experience the Fullness of Life and our human expression. By feeling we may gain a greater ability to act in an intelligent way. Instead of having our emotions lead us astray from reality, they can be a guide to how we can act in a way that is meaningful to our reality. By allowing our emotions to arise and be expressed, we can allow our head and our heart to have a healthy relationship. Stepping away from the pure logical way of thinking which dishonors the human experience can heal the collective wound that disconnects us from nature and our environment. There is a reason why we strive to “feel good”. When we “feel bad” our emotional body is telling us that we have needs that are not being met. This is not to say that we should only pursue or chase only the things that make us feel good. Because if we do that then we may end up in an addictive relationship with the things outside of ourselves that make us “feel good”. What Im suggesting is that we Allow our emotions be felt. In any situation, be present and allow the feeling to be experience and expressed. By the model of NVC (Non-Violent Communication), we can relate to our emotions as a guidance system for realizing what needs we have that are being met (good feeling emotions) and what needs we have that are not being met (bad feeling emotions).

So why do I feel this is so important? Well, there are many people in our current society that are struggling- mentally, physically and emotionally. Our political and governmental systems are failing basic human needs. The institutions that are currently in place are enabling a disempowered society which keeps people at the mercy of the systems that oppress them. Family models that keep people isolated from their community, imposing an enormous responsibility to the parent(s) alone. Schools that fail to foster the development of inherent skills each child possesses. Nursing homes that isolate elders from receiving the inspiration of grandparenting their grandchildren, which also the effects the youth, that will never receive the wisdom and the unconditional love of their elders. “Healthcare” benefits that reward and systematically subscribe people to unhealthy habits (this goes for physical and mental “healthcare”). The industrialized incarceration systems that dehumanize people, harmfully keeping them from the rehabilitation that would benefit their reconciliation, while private-equity financiers, holding companies and multinational executives benefit from the increasingly lucrative investment opportunity. Housing that lacks the inspiration to build new models that more effectively and efficiently support co-creative community development.

These are just a few reasons why I feel accessing our emotions is important. The subjects shared above are just some of the systems that cause “bad” feelings for myself and many people that I know. When we recognize what we feel and the reasons we feel that way, instead of reacting, or pointing the finger, we can respond in an intelligent way. As we continue to return to ourselves and each other we will initiate and invite new realities for our human experience that will support creative solutions to the problems we face. We will systematically divest our energy in reacting to what we do not support and invest our energy in the way of life that feels current and meaningful for us in this pivotal time for the human experience.

Accessing our Emotional Intelligence, can be used a guidance system for the life that is Totally Possible for us to Co-Create! Once a new model is developed the old system will inherently crumble. It is my belief that by investing our energy into the systems and programs we actually believe in, we will no longer feed the system that keeps us from the potential that awaits!

As with everything I share, these are my personal beliefs and ideas. You are welcome to take them or leave them. I'd love to hear about how all this is playing out in your life right now! I welcome comments, fact checks and opinions, as we are all contributing to the life on Earth we want to create.

I Believe Heaven is Here!

Let us Live the Life we Love and make it the best we can with the skills we have!

Blessings Abound

P.S. If you or anyone you know would like to access their emotions in a safe and healthy way, I am now offering 1 on 1 coaching sessions. Schedule a Free Consult to feel into if us working together will be of beneficial support.

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