Celebration of Life and Interdependence

Updated: Aug 12, 2020

Celebration of Life and Interdependence
Salvador Dali "Tres Picos" this has been a fun puzzle while I piece myself together again.

About 2 weeks ago, I was in the afterglow of the Soulstease Celebration and on my way to get the bus worked on...

when suddenly I got t-boned by another truck, which caused me to run into a cement corner post of an intersection. In Ellie fashion, I was completely present and calm to the circumstance. The first responders told me to remain still while I remained buried by glass and debris. I could sense I was okay, but soon felt that I had lost a few front teeth, while one remained dangling. After I made my way out of the wreckage, I yanked the dangler out. One of the wheels had completely come off and my small school bus was totaled. I had a friend notice the bus crash and came up and said "Ellie, what happened?!". I said "I think its clear." I was able to stand up and walk around. Noticing some cuts from glass on my flesh, I asked the paramedic to bandage my wound. After dealing with the police, I had a friend drive me home. Knowing myself and my body I didnt feel as though the ambulance had to drive me, and then bill me for a drive when a friend just as easily could take me. I had a friend drive me home. I showered, removed the glass from my wounds and sat in stillness. I was in shock and awe struck that all of this happened, especially so closely to the scooter accident I had in March!  I waited for Jimmy to come home, as he was already on his way. We had our friend Matthew drive us to the emergency room.

I went to St. Anthony's ER where I received stitches in my arm and chin, and received diagnosis of a fractured my upper jaw and lost three front teeth. My doctor Matthew Nelson was so kind, he brought ease to the hospital experience by taking the time to connect with me deeply. He commented on how calm I was. I told him that I have done a lot of self realization that has brought this sense of ease and calm in my being. This wild circumstance couldn't take away the peace from within. Not knowing exactly why this happened, I remained feeling a sense of trust in the divine order of things.

In the hospital I was prescribed an anti-iflammatory, a painkiller and an antibiotic.  I substituted the anti-inflammatory and painkiller for some herbal remedies that my dear sister and roommate Alora Ferrara of Rising Dawn Wellness provided.  I used red kava provided by Traditions Herbal School , with a squeeze of lemon and splash of maple syrup for the pain and supplemented with a post-trauma herbal fomula made by Golden Flower Chinese Herbs.  I also got 10mg THC/CBD capsules for pain and rapid cell recovery.  St. John's Wart oil for the bruises and skin abrasions.  My fellow Thai Bodhiwork friend, Lev Pasikhov of Bliss Body gave me some Spilanthes for an oral herbal anesthetic that he acquired from Moon Landing Yoga. I sipped Ginger, Turmeric tea and soaked in a Chamomile, St. John's Wart and Calendula, Sea Salt Bath.  I also made a medicinal bone stock with herbs Ashwaganda, Astragalus, Burdock and Dandelion Root I received as a gift from my hear friends Destini and Jake from Roots of the Sun.  I opted to take the antibiotic Clindamycin because I didn't want any infection in my jaw, as I know the risk if it were to spread so to the brain.  The effects of the script gave me a severe rash and hives, so I immediately stopped them and asked my dental surgeon to prescribe Amoxicillin. I've taken that before and know I don't have that effect from it. 

I tuned in for some Self inquiry, no strong hits were coming to me, aside from trusting the universe and the divine order of my path.  I asked Tiffany Mazur, a local energetic healer and peer of mine, what could have caused these accidents so closely timed?  She explained that sometimes after a traumatic incident our energetic field can have "dents" like that of a car after an accident.  Our bodies being our vehicles for consciousness, this rung true for me.  She then proceeded to restore my energetic field with new shields of protection. 

Almost immediately after all of this, I received a download of greater ways I Am to show up for this community and our tribe.  It made me laugh because although I know this will be an important presence, I'm aware of my need to rest and allow my body to completely heal and assimilate to life in a new way. 

I am someone who has always considered myself a strong individual.  This incident was a call for me to ask for the help of my tribe, a time for me to surrender to the kindness of others and trust in the divine order to support me for the greatest good.  This may be difficult for some, and this may have been difficult for me any other time.  Though, I felt, this was my time to sit back, rest and ALLOW others to care for me.  As a caregiver, this can be a challenge, though I cant tell you how awesome it felt to completely surrender and trust my tribe to come through for me.  I feel soooo blessed and so divinely supported!  I am so grateful, my tribe started a fundraiser to help me with my medical expenses. If you feel moved to show your support in that way, I would greatly appreciate it! I plan to host tribal gathering once Im recovered in order to show my appreciation and gratitude for everyone who has supported me, which includes the collective for supporting each and everyone of us to grow with the most high!

I have since had my first time sensitive operation with Dr. Chuong in order to establish new bone in my upper jaw. Since I didnt have insurance coverage, I opted for the local anesthetic. When I got there, I explained I was a little nervous and scared for the operation. He asked why I didnt want to do the anesthesia and I told him due to cost. He kindly offered it to me at no extra cost. He made me feel completely at ease with the procedure. Because I was able to receive the anesthesia, I didn't have to go through the additional trauma of watching this surgical procedure done on my face. I just today got my stitches out and my mouth is healing well! Due to the cost of dental surgeries, I will likely be leaving the country for the remaining 2-3 operations.  Ive had several people recommend Columbia and a few others Mexico, Costa Rica and England.  I dont know where this healing journey will take me yet, though I am grateful for the support for the opportunity for a full restoration of teeth!

I got a reading done by Jacey Altairi Caliyah of Harness the Moon two days ago, which brought some attention to some deep ancestral wounds that needed some healing. I called my dear friend and lover Johnny Vajra of Metagene Health to assist in the shamanic healing I needed support with. He allowed himself to be a channel of divine assistance for cutting cords that no longer serve me in this time and nurturing my authentic self to shine. I since am feeling unbound by any attachments that inhibit my life force. I am healed by reprogramming my glial cells and my central nervous system.

A very special thank you to my lover Jimmy Sattva, who has stayed by my side and seen me through this healing journey. We, just yesterday, have had two years of celebrating life together. We enjoyed a fun game of put put golf, feeding the gators and eating some handscooped ice cream. We received the nourishment of sand and sea, while finding the treasures of sea shells and fossils. It felt great to get out of the house for my first mini adventure since the accident. It has been a blessing to hear Jimmy record his album while I reclaim myself again.

I also want to thank the studio Handcrafted Healing, in which I provide massage and energetic body balancing services, for giving me the time and space to heal. I feel gratitude for my clients' compassion towards my healing process and ease in knowing that they will be cared for by my peers or that we will connect at a later date.

This holiday has been a Celebration of a Very Happy Interdependence! 

Independence is an illusion.  We are always Interdependent.  Even if we live in the woods, completely remote from society, we are still interdependent upon the resources around us.  Blessed Are We Who Experience this Gift!  I Love You All! 

Thank You All who have helped my through these rough waters, allowing me to feel the stillness within.  Always anchored in peace, amongst the sea of changes.

In Lak'Ech


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