Anchor YourSelf in Peace

Updated: Aug 12, 2020

Anchor Yourself in Peace

In a time, some people may be feeling the joy of psilocybin mushrooms becoming decriminalized in Denver, and some may be feeling the dissonance of the criminalization of abortion in Alabama, I remain anchored in Peace amongst this Sea of Changes. I trust in the collective consciousness of all things to bring forth the experience we are Divinely aligned to experience.

Birth, Death and Preservation.

There are cycles of experience that we will live through, some we'll transition through and some will remain. We are always connected to our Inner Authority, whether we are consciously aware of it or not. When consciously aware, things happened exponentially faster. When unaware the journey can feel slow.

Direct the fuel that feeds your anger be channeled into co-creating a new infrastructure with your fellow neighbors, strangers, friends and family that serves your shared morals, values and beliefs systems - in this case, the paradigm that does not serve the greatest good, will inevitably dissolve. Any energy stagnantly focused towards what you do not agree with, or are disheartened by, will only fuel what you do not believe in. These thoughts are like energy leaks in your magnetic field. Seal the energetic leaks and strengthen your field in accordance with all the you believe is Truth.

Our Tribe Is Strong and Resilient.

Invest your time, energy and love into all the things that make your heart, body and soul sing! Aligning with your Inner Compass will keep you in Correct Coordinates with your own unique path, and along that path creates opportunities to connect with others who vibrate at the frequency to meet you supporting you to realize your Inner Truth.

Trust in YourSelf, Your Neighbors, Your Strangers, Friends and Family.

This is how I live my life, you are of course a sovereign being to do what you will. Sovereignty is something that for me is a way of being that has been realized out of observing societal conditioning and freeing myself from what I, in the past, may have thought "is just the way it is". Once I realized my own sovereignty, as much as I have thus far, I began to take responsibility for how I was contributing to the system I no longer believed in. Now I do everything in my abilities, in each moment, to connect with my Inner Authority, which is ever present, engaging with life as an experience to be explored the way that feels correct for me.

I invite you to explore this way of life with me. If for some reason this way of living seems out of reach for you, schedule a Free Consult with me. Perhaps together we can have you aligning that which makes you feel completely supported and on the path of Your Best Life!

InLak'Ech ala Kin

I allways welcome communication. If any of my posts strike a chord with you, I invite you to reach out to me, lets explore together!

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