Allowing Ease

Updated: Aug 12, 2020

Allowing Ease

I saw this invitation to enjoy the first seven days of the new year with rest and reflection. The 7 Days of Rest and Reflection is dedicated to cultivating Sacred Relationship with all of Life.

Although I had already scheduled 4 days of studio time, I decided to be more diligent about my moving meditation. I did not look at my phone between clients and enjoyed that time to reflect. I honored my time outside of that by resting, meditating, and communing with plant medicine. I was resting from anything that felt like "work". I did not facilitate any gatherings, in fact my energy aligned with that by unintentionally dissolving a previously planned event.

I became more aligned to the flow of life. I'm eating cleaner foods and started a whole body detox. I found that I've felt more ease and clear communication with my heart's desire.

In the ease of this week I reconnected with old friends and made new ones as well. I went to a social gathering Saturday night, and it felt nourishing in every way! Everyone brought these colorful, flavorful homemade vegan dishes, mulled hot cider, wine sourced from 200 year old grape vines, we sang and danced, played music and were fearless to connect through touch. High Vibe Tribe! Amidst the socializing I felt more clarity in my Being and how I show up in the world. Each connection made was in alignment with co-creating a support system for more people to align with their evolving authenticity.

It also came to me to facilitate a Temple night for a Unified Sacred Circle. In the past I have facilitated a Women's only New Moon Circle. After tuning into the needs of the collective it was decided that integrating the sexes is vital for deeper understanding for how we can support each other as the shift hits the fan!

Stay Tuned to the TEMPLE in your Heart and hOhm!

With Grace and Ease,

You Are Love

"Seize the day and explore the world from a relaxed space of alignment, so that the inner spiritual dimension of energy and consciousness can work through you to bring about something far more extraordinary than the exhaustion your personal will can ever manufacture." -Matt Kahn

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