Ahh, The Beauty...

Updated: Aug 12, 2020

The Beauty

Feeling so worthy of these heartfelt connections.  I have been enjoying more time loving and nurturing myself and developing intimate relations with my tribe.  I've been having waves of living at my edge of growth, and feeling very fine just as I am.  Feeling the fruit of faith, that development doesn't have to be painful.  Although, that doesn't mean it isn't scary sometimes. I Am exploring parts of myself I haven't yet experienced.  Which is beautiful!  Opening more to Love.  I have been reading some of Sadhguru's lessons.  A quote that really resonated with my current personal development:

"You need a relationship only because somewhere, there is some sense of incompleteness in you.  If you take away this, if you attain to the state within you which has nothing to do with the other then every other person wants to be with you.  Everyone wants to be with you because your need is gone.  This is the funny thing about life - when you have a need, nobody wants to be with you.  When your need is gone, everyone wants to be with you.  It is only when the flower blossoms the bees will come; if you don't blossom bees wont come.  If you are a closed bud and you call the bees, they wont come.  If you open up, you don't have to call; they will come anyway. 

See how to enhance who you are on all levels - physically, mentally, emotionally, and energy-wise.  If you enhance yourself into a very beautiful state, everyone will want to hold a relationship with you.  If you do not enhance yourself and try to manage everything, it is going to be very stressful.  A human being should always focus on how to enhance his way of being.  Then, everything else gets naturally managed.  Whether it is your profession, your relationship(s) of whatever else in your life, it will happen to its best only when who you are is enhanced."

The way I have experienced this, is with self love and connecting with my heartfelt desires.  I have been asking myself, "What is it you need right now to feel nurtured?".  The answers that arise are usually pretty plain and simple.  But just by asking and listening to MySelf, I open a channel for a level of personal intimacy that I have, in the past, I tried developing through others.  I am willing and faithful that I Am capable of sharing my passions without inhibiting my authentic expression.  And, by sharing my passions, they will be offerings to anyone who wants to co-create or needs that as medicine.  As I share my gifts, I am reflected by my peers that my goals are a shared vision.  The only relationship that really transforms my reality is the one with myself.  As I love myself more and really account for where I am at and where I want to be, opportunities and relationships develop to support that process. 

Depending on what level you try to enhance or develop in yourself, determines the depth of relationships you have.  It is my experience:  If you try to make yourself physically beautiful, you will have relationships that affirm your physical beauty.  If you develop a beautiful mind, with positive self talk and awareness, you will have relationships that will stimulate deep, insightful, affirmative conversations.  If you have more ease in your emotional being, you will have emotionally healthy relationships.  If your energy is attuned then you will have fruitful circumventing with your relations, that do not feel depleting and only magnify the energy you both experience.  A natural state of giving and receiving.  

A dear peer of mine shared her truth:  If someone says Thank You, be sure to really receive it.  If someone says "Thank You" and you say, "No No, Thank You", or "Of Course" and have a deflective or dismissive response, then the energy exchange is haulted, the gratitude falls upon deaf ears.  In order to have a full energy exchange, it must continue moving. 

Thank You.

You're Welcome.

May you experience Peace in you Existence! 

You may not be perfect, but you are Just Right!

I love you so much!


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