Your Wisdom Guides The Way! 

Welcome to Lucid Love Life!  Im so glad you're here!  

It is my honor and pleasure serving as your cheerleader and mind, body coach to enhance your life and the quality of your experiences.  I am here to support you in reclaiming a healthy relationship and understanding into the

language and wisdom of your body, expanding you into greater vitality.  

Together we can develop a plan for what will suite your needs best. 

Take a look at my offerings and

Schedule a Discovery Call to explore the benefits possible for us working together.

For the Love of Life!

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  • Let's feel into how we can support you living your best life!

    30 min

  • Lucid Love Life Coaching (see plans to save $)

    1 hr

    200 US dollars
  • Remotely or In Person

    45 min

    44 US dollars
  • Mixed Modality Massage (see plans to save $)

    1 hr 30 min

    130 US dollars
  • Mixed Modality Session (see plans to save $)

    2 hr

    180 US dollars
  • Mixed Modality Session (see plans to save $)

    3 hr

    333 US dollars