"illuminate your heart's delight,

the dark, the light, with clear insight."

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Hi! My name is Ellie. Im so glad you are here! 

My inspiration for developing Lucid Love Life has been guided by my soul's urge to Embody and Serve nature and humanity. Leading with joy and a vision for the best possibilities, my journey through life has been filled with lessons of love and liberation, recreational and medicinal drug experimentation, near death experiences and ALL the feels.  In my experience, leaning into the soul's urge for change and transformation has led me into feeling Free as a liberated Being, Living My Best Life! The feeling of suffering can either debilitate or can be a companion for creative solutions to any human afflictions. Ive learned tools to enable each experience to be a compassionate teacher, benefitting me to fearlessly Awaken the Love Within and Expand Into Life. It fills me with joy to learn, love and grow through each of life's challenges and share the tools Ive acquired for Self Realization and living a Lucid Love Life. You Too, may experience your ability to feel empowered in your own life! My goal with all of my offerings is to empower the (all knowing) Self in each individual, in hopes of creating greater ease through unforeseen obstacles, a sense of ease for the spirit within the human body, and inspiring creative ways of living for individual and collective expression. My hope is to support human resiliency whilst the ability to be vulnerable, to expericence the love all around, allowing the expansion of the Living Dream to Come Alive! 

with sincere appreciation and gratitude,

I am honored to meet you.