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Grounding Spirituality

Learn ways to integrate your spiritual awareness into your sense of groundedness in everyday life. Bridging the gap of the seen and unseen.
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Grounding Spirituality

Time & Location

Oct 25, 2020, 7:00 PM – 8:00 PM EDT

About the Event

Have you been diving deep into your spirituality?

Have you immersed yourself into intense healing practices, plant ceremonies or ecstatic states?

Are you doing all the spiritual work and still find yourself having a difficult time in everyday life?

Would you like to experience a sense of stability and integration with your life?

Do you want greater ease and understanding in the everyday?

I have experienced many ecstatic and altered states of consciousness through meditation, dance, breathwork, and shamanic practices. These can all be powerful tools for experiencing our connection with the universe, and the life around us. However, I see and feel a great need for a grounded integration of these altered states. I witness people experiencing high anxiety, having difficulty in discernment, relationships and holding a grounded structure for a healthy mind, body, spiritual awareness. In my own experience, when my awareness is heavily focused on altered states of consciousness and spirituality, my manifested life and relationships suffer. In this series, we will explore how these different states of consciousness inform our everyday life and how to have a grounded integration with the world around us.

Some of what will explore will include:

  • Self-Responsibility
  • Distinguishing your own healthy boundaries
  • Discerning your “yes” and “no” (how energy informs choices)
  • How to discern your edge of growth; when to move forward or be still (act or allow)
  • How to listen to the bodies signals for what motivates you (chakra tuning, energetic awareness)
  • How to hold space for yourself-empowering yourself for healthy relating (masculine/feminine)
  • How to have your spiritual understanding inform your material world choices (crippling anxiety/meaningful action)
  • How to have your material world knowledge support your spiritual life (gratitude/informative reflections)
  • A practice for your autonomy while connected to another (wheel of consent)

Your Facilitator:

Melissa "ellie" Elizabeth is owner and operator of Lucid Love Life Center. With 17+ years in human services, she has many titles, as a spiritual life coach and dream life developer, ordained minister, yoga teacher, reiki practitioner, licensed massage therapist, somatic sex health guide and death doula. Her passion for supporting personal autonomy and healthy relationship with life is what fuels her work, enabling people to access their abilities for self actualization to live with great peace and ease!


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Discounts will be available to all who participate in this workshop.

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