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Do you want to feel better in your body?

Would you like more grace and ease through life's challenges?

Are you looking to enjoy life more intimately with yourself & the ones you love?

Who doesn't?!? 

I was searching too, until I realized that I am the MVP of my own life! 

I stopped pointing the finger at the people and circumstances around me and took the wheel as the Soul driver of the life I imagined was possible.

Its not enough to be a dreamer. You also have to be the believer and the achiever! 

Its not always easy, though it is in fact the most fulfilling work that you can do for yourself and the relationships in your life.  You will feel better in your body, develop a deep sense of appreciation & authenticity in relationships, while engaging in a life full of meaning! 

You have a unique and important essence to share in this world!

By committing to and accepting yourself fully, your own personal development and pure  uninhibited expression, you are serving the world, freely, within your own power, for the good of all!


Imagine what life would feel like if you were Living Your Dream Life!

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Your Evolutionary Blueprint to Fulfilling Life's Purpose

Ellie Vates is a guide for
Mind Mapping, Heart Math, Holistic Living

Tantra and Shamanic practices,

Empowered Embodiment and

Living Presence for Self Actualization 

I Am, Ellie here as your humble Guide & Cheerleader,

with tools to enable your own empowerment for

Body, Mind and Spirit 

to Live your Best Life!

The Body is The Wisdom Keeper,

Tune In and give it a Tune Up !!!

Welcome more pleasure in your body, ease through life's challenges

and a greater capacity to live authentic to your values,

in order to fulfill your Deepest Desires

for a Vibrant Life!

You are the Gatekeeper to Live Your LUCID LOVE LIFE! 

Its starts HERE Now!


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It only takes 1 second to change the course of the rest of your life!

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Plans and Prices flexible to suit your time and investment. 

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It's not rocket science, but it will have you feeling Brilliant!